3G Adhesive Family. Bonded by Versatility.

Simpson Strong-Tie has a complete line of epoxy and hybrid-acrylic adhesive anchors that provide a high-strength hold. They’re code-listed for cracked and uncracked concrete, easy to install, and suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Consider these factors when choosing an anchoring adhesive: your application, the base material, the type of insert, the load requirements, environmental conditions, and the cure time. That’s why we offer SET-3G , ET-3G™ and AT-3G™ to handle any job.

Application and Installation Gallery

How to Install Anchoring Adhesives

How to Install Anchoring Adhesives

See how to install anchoring adhesives in dry, damp, wet, water-filled or submerged-hole conditions.

Piston Plug Adhesive Delivery

Piston Plug Adhesive Delivery System

The Simpson Strong-Tie Adhesive Piston Plug Delivery System offers a reliable, time-saving and easy-to-use method for dispensing adhesive into drilled holes.